Bartosz Jastal was our wedding photographer in August 2008. He was absolutely brilliant. My husband and I were both so happy with our wedding photographs and how everything worked out on our wedding day. Bartosz is incredibly reliable and he was very responsive to all our requests. He is very creative with his work but also very professional. We were comfortable the whole day because at no point did we feel artificial or orchestrated for the sake of a photograph. He was very unobtrusive during our wedding which was important to us. We have received many compliments from our families and friends on our photos. I love our photos so much­ they are wonderful and so true to the day. They remind me exactly of how I felt which I think is very important for wedding photos. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bartosz as a wedding photographer and I have already recommended him to several people who are getting married. Bartosz’s English is excellent and we had no problem doing everything through English ­ including the contract which was very helpful. I have nothing but good things to say about Bartosz and I recommend him highly.
Caroline & John, Kraków


“It sometimes happens that you start doing something not being sure of the final effect, and it happened to us, during the open air session. We were supposed to be natural, do whatever we wished to do. We had a great fun, but on the other hand we did not believe we could be good photo models. And then….? After coming back from our honeymoon journey, we saw one photo of us, the one which Bartek gave to my father in secret. We were speechless. When we could see the whole set of photos we were speechless again, even more than before. Not only open air photos were great, also those taken in church. No matter who we show these photos to (being very proud of them) we always listen to the same compliments: “beautiful, amazing, unique”. If we were to get married one more time, we would not asked Bartek about taking photos only for the open air and church sessions. We would also ask him to take the photos of wedding preparations as well as the wedding reception.”
Kasia i Jacek, Bedzin


In addition to being very easy to work with, Bartosz is exceptionally creative. He sees what those of us who are more “artistically challenged” do not – namely the potential of any situation to provide a spectacular shot. The open air session was terrific. He provided just enough direction for us to know what to do, but not to feel staged or posed. He captured a sense of us, our environment and the event.
Ann & Matt, Baltimore, USA


We admit our opinion may be a little bit subjective, but mostly, as being based on the opinions of those who have seen these photos, it’s objective. Everybody might have his own opinion watching Bartek’s works. First of all he has something that most other wedding photographers are missing…….it’s passion. He does not work only for money – when he works he is in his element – it is visible in everything he does. Combining it with his talent and perfection, he receives an exceptional mixture. Nothing but professionalism. As the proof we can say that everyone who has seen his work is just delighted. Most of our friends claim that they can see such great photos for the first time in their lives, and one even asked if they were taken for a photography competition or maybe exhibition 😉 Most of all, Bartek is a very nice person, the time spent with him was just great. We had been looking for a wedding photographer for a very long time and it was very difficult to make a good decision. When we found him we were convinced we found the right person – we were not disappointed, just hit the nail right on the head!
Beata i Artur, Milanówek


Before the wedding Bartosz was exceptionally helpful, always responding to emails and making suggestions perfect for a stressed bride to be! Bartosz travelled to Ireland for our wedding and met up with us the day before and discussed what photos we would like. On the big day he spent over 12 hours with us photographing the day and became part of the wedding family! At all times he was professional and very unobtrusive, taking wonderful photos without anyone noticing or feeling like they were being herded around. The conditions were difficult as it was raining and the church was tiny but he somehow managed to take amazing photos with perfect light. This man has a special talent, his photos are real art and very unique in nature. We wanted informal artisic shots that captured the emotion and feeling of the day and he did just that. Everyone has raved about our photos and we totally love them and will treasure them always. On top of this Bart is a lovely person and we feel we have made a friend, I would recommend him wholeheartedly to any future bride and grooms.
Anna & Ollie, Clifden, Ireland


You can see the photos on the website and decide what you think of them…….but we are convinced Bartek is the best among wedding photographers – great photos, perfect session atmosphere. The contact between us and him was sensational, moreover, we could be ourselves and it is noticeable on the photos. One of my friends said: “He is very talented. I showed the photos to my friends and all of them said the photos are very special”. We can do nothing but recommend them!
Asia i Andrzej, Chorzów


We had a lot of fun during our shoot with Bartosz! He is professional, spontaneous and highly energetic. At the same time, he is also very encouraging, which puts us at ease and we totally enjoyed the sessions. Needless to say, the photos turned out to be great – everyone who saw the pictures loved them!
Katherine & See Hwa, Munich, Germany


Bartek is a great photographer, he catches the greatest moments, which make the photos original and beautiful. Our families and friends were delighted. Besides the wedding album we have also received photos sent by electronic way – we were able to send them immediately to our guests making them very happy. This wedding album is the greatest gift for us – for the whole life. We are happy we trusted you – you have artistic soul. Thank you. Ula and Radek – the musicians.
Ula i Radek, Warszawa


… finally I can write out. I knew Bartek’s pictures since the last year, it was not a long time but long enough to be enchant of them, when I recognized that he was available during our wedding day I wanted jump to the air, I watched his pictures, read the recommendation and I couldn’t wait for a day when I be able to see our wedding photos. I have to say that all the recommendation are suitable and honest ….. I need to say that work with Bartek is nothing but pleasure, despite the fact he is a master and artist in this what he is doing he is also very open and funny guy, what I would like to have more? When he takes the pictures you can feel relaxed… during our wedding day and open air session, we were too relaxed, that is why I was thinking that the pictures are going to be too chaotic, after watching other wedding pictures taken by Bartek I was thinking that everything was well­ considered and composed but it was only my imagination because Bartek can catch every important moment …. This is the most important!!!!! We could concentrate only for being happy about our wedding day because Bartek was doing his job. Great!!!!
Monika i Marcin, Dabrowa Górnicza


The work with Bartek was something extraordinary. He is fully professional. On one hand he was unobserved and on the other one he encouraged us. The pictures are unique­ and one of the kind. The same like their author. The gift we received from him was much more we could expect. We always be grateful for that.
Ania i Jurek, Czestochowa


It was a very good choice. Bartek is professional one – before the ceremony we had long conversations concerning our expectations. As the result we knew how it was going to look like and had one stress less. He started his work with the wedding preparations, which show the character of the day and are our favorites. Ola says that Bartek was very nice and work with him brings a lot of pleasure. Because she was the most important person that day, she appreciated discretion – she could hardly feel his presence, and there are all the moments we wanted to remember on the photos. We did not hire a cameraman, but each important moment is visible on the photos which are amazing – not only for us but also for our families and friends. Bartek cares about each detail to have the right effect. Each photo is technically great – good light, with all necessary elements which make a photo special and original. We both had only one wedding, but when we see the works of other photographers , we must admit that Bartek is in the top of Polish photographers! Others offer more photos, even 1000, but their quality is definitely worse. Each photo Bartek’s photo is perfect. We recommend him to everybody!
Ola i Kuba, Czestochowa


Bartek was recommended to us by our friends. What we can say about him and his work? Professional photographer and Artist in one person. Pictures look like from the magazine. We showed it to our friends and family in Canada they were amazed­ the same our family and freinds here in Poland. For sure we will recommend Bartek further.
Magda i Alex, Warszawa